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We Talked About Self-Love With The Fab 5 Of 'Queer Eye'

'It's a constant relationship that you build with yourself every day.'
PHOTO: Queer Eye/Netflix

Queer Eye, the reboot of the extremely popular early-2000s hit TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, easily became one of our favorite shows on Netflix after season one debuted this year. For most of us, it was more than just a makeover show. Beyond the new clothes and renovated spaces, all of the heroes they featured were given a chance to transform their lives. (Also, we cried so much from watching and re-watching the episodes, it's ridiculous.)

Now that season two of the show is set to premiere on June 15, we got the chance to interview the Fab 5—Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Tan France—and Cosmopolitan Philippines made sure to talk about one of the things their show promotes that we're passionate about, too: self-love.

"Self-love and self-esteem [is] not a like a light that you turn on when you come in a room," said Jonathan. "It's a constant relationship that you build with yourself every day. And so it's really more of like the small things and the small ways that you talk to yourself, day-in and day-out to build that confidence… It's kind of like a piggy bank, you have to keep depositing those little coins and then all of a sudden, you have a fortune that no one can take away from you, and that is your self-confidence," he added.

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The trailer of season two hints at all the new changes the show, including a makeover for a woman and building a community center for a church. "We now have women that we're making over. We're also are helping people in the trans community," Karamo shared in one interview.  BRB, hoarding a bunch of tissues for this.

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Karamo also shared with us the one thing he wants audiences worldwide to get from the new season: "We want people to know that they got to take care of themselves. You got to look [in] the mirror every day and say to yourself that you love you. Because a lot of the time, the world is not going to tell you how special you are. And a lot of times, people will say 'that's egotistical,' [or] 'it's arrogant'—but it's not. It's self-care. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say 'I love this about me' and do not stop saying it all day."

We're not crying—you're crying.

Season two of Queer Eye premieres on Netflix June 15.

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