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Snapchat’s New Feature *Finally* Lets You Mass-Send Selfies

Plus three more updates you don't want to miss.

If you’re at all familiar with Snapchat—and by now, you really should be—you’ve experienced the first world pain of having to scroll through a massive friend list just so you can show your squad how on point your kilay is. Guess what? The struggle is over.

This week, Snapchat gifted us with a highly anticipated feature: group chat! You can send that selfie to up to 16 people and save them in a group. You can also chat in that group like you would in a normal message, and those logs disappear after 24 hours.

But that’s not all.

Snapchat now also lets you use Shazam—an app that figures out the title and artist of any song you randomly hear: "When the song in question is playing, tap and hold on the screen when it's in camera mode, and wait until a little Shazam blurb appears with all the info you need. You can find out more information about the song right then and there, and every song you Shazam will be saved."

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If you have Viber or Telegram, then you understand the hype about stickers. No? Well Snapchat gets it—that’s why they introduced the "Scissors" feature. This lets you cut a part of your snap, and saves it as a movable sticker. Can you imagine the possibilities?

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And if you're sick of the usual Snapchat filters or simply want to change your selfies up a bit, take advantage of the new "Paintbrush" feature. It turns your photos into famous paintings—kinda like what Prisma does.

Whew! Who else is dying to take a selfie now? 

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