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5 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring ~*OG Oppa*~ So Ji Sub

Check out some of his most memorable performances!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Oh My Venus/KBS, (RIGHT) My Secret Terrius/MBC

ICYMI, K-drama star So Ji Sub just announced his marriage to South Korean TV reporter Jo Eun JungWhether you're happy for your oppa or ~wallowing~ in heartbreak, it's time to revisit some of the actor's most popular portrayals throughout his 24-year career. Check out five of them below: 

1. My Secret Terrius (2018)

You'll see just how adorable So Ji Sub is with kids in this one! He plays Kim Bon, a babysitter moonlighting as a black ops agent. He meets the woman next door, whose dead husband was involved in a conspiracy. This show also recently made headlines for supposedly predicting the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Oh My Venus (2015)

So Ji Sub is a celebrity trainer named John Kim. He helps a lawyer lose weight after her fiancé breaks up with her. Aside from the chemistry between the two leads, the bromance between John and his best friends, played by Sung Hoon and Henry Lau, is adorable. 


3. Master's Sun (2013)

Ji Sub stars as Joo Joong Won, the rich and haughty CEO of a conglomerate. He picks up a hitchhiking girl who can see ghosts. She discovers that touching Joong Won can make the spirits disappear. In turn, he wants to use her in order to communicate with a dead girlfriend. 

4. I'm Sorry, I Love You (2004)

In this romantic melodrama, So Ji Sub plays a scam artist preying on tourists in Australia. He saves a girl who is attacked by a band of criminals and helps her recover her belongings. They meet back home in South Korea, which sets off a series of tragedies. Be warned: it all ends in a Romeo and Juliet-esque manner.

5. What Happened In Bali (2004)

Kang In Wook is a poor but ambitious man whose ex-girlfriend left him for a richer guy. In a last-ditch attempt to reconcile with him, they go on a trip to Bali, where the girl's fiance tracks them down. And as if this love triangle wasn't enough, the two men end up falling in love with their tour guide. 

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