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Sofia Andres Opens Up About Her Break From Showbiz: 'It was a bit toxic for me'

The actress also talks about her anxiety and what it was like to be independent for the first time.

In Episode 4 of Claudia Barretto's MINDGAMES series, she invited Sofia Andres to talk about her own challenges in dealing with her mental health. The actress addresses her break from showbiz right off the bat saying, "I went to Sydney (Australia). I stayed there for six months. I took a break from showbiz. I don't know if I should say this but I think it was a bit toxic for me...because of what happened with my loveteam and the bad blood with the press."

She reveals how she struggled with being a celebrity who's introverted: "They would always tell me, 'You can't say [you're an introvert] because you're in showbiz. You have to be a [people] person.'

The two segue into talking about Sofia's relationship, specifically the moment she decided she was ready to share that part of her life with the public. To refresh your memory, Sofia posted this cute, uncaptioned photo of her and boyfriend Daniel Miranda on October 29, 2018: 

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Sofia explains, "It [was] liberating because before, I [wasn't] allowed to have a boyfriend. But parang, in my head, this is my life. It's my choice...this is my personal life. It's different from my showbiz life. I don't want them to dictate what I should do o kung ano yung mga hindi ko gagawin. I don't feel comfortable about it." 

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During quarantine, Sofia has been focusing on her physical health by working out and watching her diet, but also her mental health: "I'm more calm. I'm not as paranoid as before. I'm not overthinking. At least I know what to do now." She reveals needing to call her therapist whenever she had an anxiety attack in the past. 

She knew she had anxiety after her first heartbreak. "I was crying randomly while eating, while I was in the mall walking. It was so weird. I [was] like, am I crazy? What's happening to me? [My heart was] palpitating. I couldn't sleep. I had to take so [many] sleeping pills. It was hard." Like many who have experience with anxiety, she was afraid to tell her family because she didn't want to feel like a burden: "Yung experience ko was crazy. I wanted to kill myself...But when I told my mom, 'I think I have anxiety. I'm depressed. I can't do this anymore," Sofia started seeing a therapist. 

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The actress chokes up as she about being independent for the first time: "For me, it was hard to be independent because my mom was always there for me. Even at work, she was there. So when I moved to Australia, iba pala, no? 'Pag wala yung magulang mo. Iba pala 'pag wala yung importante sa buhay mo and you just have to decide on your own, and to learn on your own.

But now, Sofia is ready to tackle the industry: "I'm more myself and determined. I know na what to do. I know how to put walls. Because before, I [was] very vulnerable, so transparent."

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