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Meet 5 *Softboy* Characters From Filipino Movies

They're nice...but they also have the power to hurt you.
PHOTO: (LEFT) One More Chance/Star Cinema, (RIGHT) 100 Tula Para Kay Stella/Viva Entertainment

As opposed to the ~fuckboy~, a softboy is a character stereotype who's designed to be sensitive, creative, and who usually likes indie music. He loves late night talks. He actually reads books and he writes letters. He's sometimes a *troubled soul.* BUT! He can also be problematic and will most likely hurt you in the end. 

Writer Alan Hanson is said to have come up with the term softboy in 2015, saying that a softboy is: "Emotionally intelligent but does nothing with this knowledge. He is artistic. He is aware. He is still a dick." A Cosmopolitan article from 2016 describes a softboy as someone who's nice, who listens, who cares about his mom, and who wants an emotional connection aside from physical attraction. Some examples of softboys in Western media are Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in 500 Days Of Summer (2009) and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) in Gossip Girl (2007). But what about the local scene? 


Here, we listed down five softboy-like characters from Filipino movies that'll make you fall in love with them and avoid them IRL at the same time: 

1. Popoy in One More Chance (2007) 

Played by: John Lloyd Cruz 

Yes, Popoy obviously loves Basha (Bea Alonzo). He's sensitive, he's kind, but at times, he can get overbearing (read: CONTROLLING), especially during that iconic scene when he stops her from eating her precious chicken skin! 

2. Sam in Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa (2015) 

Played by: Nicco Manalo 

Guys, get this: Sam is a filmmaker. He's "sort of" in a relationship with Isa (Emmanuelle Vera), they ride the LRT every day, have a common set of friends, go to the same bar, and even seem to go to the same school. He helps her write a script for class, and they have these deep, intense talks. It's not until the end of the movie that we realize why the two of them knew they weren't going to work out. 

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3. Vince in Vince And Kath And James (2016) 

Played by: Joshua Garcia

Vince has always had a small crush on Kath (Julia Barretto), but when his cousin James (Ronnie Alonte) decides to pursue her, he asks for Vince's help to make her fall in love with him instead. Vince agrees (WHY, THOUGH?) and starts sending Kath sweet texts and pretends to be "Var," her secret admirer. Catfishing is never okay, but for some reason, Vince looks adorable while doing it! Such a softboy. 

4. Fidel in 100 Tula Para Kay Stella (2017) 

Played by: JC Santos

Fidel, a shy and awkward college freshman, falls for rocker chic Stella (Bela Padilla) and vows to write a hundred poems to show her how much he loves her. Fidel has a speech defect, which makes it hard for him to complete his sentences. As the years pass by, Stella helps him gain his confidence. She also gets into all kinds of scrapes and Fidel tries to stand by her through it all.  


5. Aries in Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi (2018) 

Played by: Jameson Blake 

Aries has always had a crush on Norma (Sue Ramirez), his brother Leo's (Markus Paterson) girlfriend. Norma gets diagnosed with a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS), which means she gets sick when there's WiFi or any electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals. Norma has no choice but to live with her grandmother, hours away from the city. Since Leo rarely visits and is always MIA, Aries sticks by Norma's side and even pretends to be his brother by writing her long, meaningful letters. Oh, no. Sweet but deceitful! 

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