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Solenn Heussaff On Planning For Baby Number 2: 'Now would be the perfect time'


It looks like our favorite Heussaff-Bolzicos might be planning to grow their family of three! In a recent interview with 24 Oras, Solenn Heussaff spoke about her parenting style to her daughter Thylane, who's now one year and eight months old.

On social media, we've seen how hands-on Solenn and her husband Nico Bolzico are with Thylane and how much freedom they give her in ~exploring~ the world. This actually has everything to do with Solenn seeing it important for Thylane to "play with things that exist around us." "So kahit pencils lang, as in mas madalas pa siya sa mga gadgets, like remote controls, kaysa sa toys niya," she explained. "With the child, it's really important to let them explore. It's important to let them get dirty, and it's important to let them be around different people, different languages." FYI, Solenn and Nico speak to Thylane in four languages: English, Filipino, Spanish, and French!

And as for planning for another baby, Solenn admitted that she does want a sibling for Thylane in the near future but is a bit hesitant because of COVID-19: "Actually, gusto ko to be quite honest because 36 na ako, and gusto ko ng dalawang anak. So now would be the perfect time but let's see. Baka sometime next year kasi takot din ako sa delta variant [kasi] yung first pregnancy ko mahirap."

In our exclusive interview with Nico back in June, he did say he wants more kids and the ideal number is also two like Solenn! The thing, though, is that he's leaving it up to Solenn to decide if and when she wants another child: "Yes, we want one more. We just don't know when because it's not my call, it's Solenn's call. But we want at least one more. I think two is good. I don't want to have too many kids. I want to be able to give enough time to my kids. So too many kids, I think, I dunno how it would be. I think two is a good number."



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