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10 *Cool* Things You Ought To Know About Sooyoung

Did you know she went to 100 auditions before her debut?
10 Things You Need To Know About Sooyoung
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) If You Wish Upon Me/kbs, INSTAGRAM/sooyoungchoi/

It seems like Sooyoung has been everywhere these days, wowing the world with her impressive acting skills. Soon, we’ll get to see her in If You Wish Upon Me alongside Ji Chang Wook and Sung Dong Il. She’ll bring to life Seo Yeon Joo, a nurse at a hospice, who’s so full of life and hope–perhaps not what you’d expect from someone who works at a place that fulfills the last wishes of those who are near death. Her character is obsessed with fitness and staying energized, so we can’t wait to see her layered portrayal of Yeon Joo.

Much to the delight of K-pop fans, though Sooyoung’s exploring new characters in different dramas, Sooyoung is still very active in the music industry. In fact, Girls' Generation has confirmed their comeback—yes, as a full group—in August, which marks their 15th anniversary since their debut in 2007. This will be their first comeback with all the members since their sixth studio album, Holiday Night, was released in 2017. The group also took part in their own reality show called So Shi Tam Tam. Sooyoung said that when they arrived on set, “[they] became greatly energized no matter how tired [they] were, and [they] were so rowdy that [they] weren’t even aware of how fast time flew by.”


Get to know Choi Sooyoung on a deeper level with these interesting facts about the idol-actor:

1. Choi Sooyoung was born on February 10, 1990.

Our girl is an Aquarius. Apart from being known for their forward-thinking nature, Aquarius wants to make a difference in the world. In 2018, she designed clothes with stylist Seo Soo Kyung and created the brand “Beaming Effect” in an effort to raise awareness about retinitis pigmentosa, a disorder her father has which causes vision loss. She told 1st Look magazine, “My father established a foundation for the eradication of blindness and is active with the organization. Awareness within society about visual impairments is still low, so I searched to find something that I could do.”

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2. She debuted when she was only 12 years old.

Sooyoung debuted in 2002 as one-half of a Korean-Japanese singing duo called Route 0. They released three singles before going their separate ways the following year. Sooyoung returned to South Korea in 2004 and became a member of Girls’ Generation three years later. Understandably, working at a young age wasn’t a walk in the park for Sooyoung; she remembers feeling frustrated about not having a regular childhood like the other girls but she recognizes that everything she went through brought her to where she is today. Before she debuted in 2007, Sooyoung actually “auditioned for 100 different projects. [She] was a trainee for seven years before debuting [with Girls’ Generation] during [her] the second year in high school. Since the concept of an expiration date exists with girl groups, there was a part of [her] that was concerned about [her] future.”


3. Like many idols, Sooyoung juggled school and work.

A hard worker, she majored in film studies at Chung-Ang University and graduated in 2016. Sooyoung, together with Yuri and Park Shin Hye, received awards for being ambassadors of their school. She got teary-eyed as Yuri spoke about how hard it was to finish school while working as an idol: “We’d get up early in the morning and come to school, and then go to the network and film something, and then come back.” So proud of these girls!


4. Sooyoung left SM Entertainment in 2017 and wrote her first solo single, “Winter Breath.”

She wrote “Winter Breath” two years before it came out when she was feeling lost and alone like she didn’t know what she had learned through all her life experiences. She felt “tired” at the end of every year: “The end of the year is when you celebrate what you did that year, right? So it came to feel like this was a time only for those who had accomplished something amazing. The meetings, the awards, the parties. For a while, I always celebrated the new year countdown on a stage. When I no longer attended awards as a musician, the end of the year felt strangely lonely. It felt like everyone else was celebrating what they’d done at the end of the year, and I was standing apart from them.”


5. She scored her first lead acting role in 2014.

Though she’s had several acting opportunities since the mid-2000s, it wasn’t until she starred in The Spring Day Of My Life as a terminally ill young woman that she got people talking about her acting chops. Her performance earned her the “Best Actress in a Miniseries” award at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards and the Excellence Award for Actress at the 2015 Korea Drama Awards. Since then, Sooyoung has been a part of other excellent projects like Tell Me What You Saw, Run On, So I Married An Anti-Fan, and New Year Blues.


6. She has ~*beauty concerns*~, just like the rest of us.

In a 2018 interview, the idol-actor told Cosmopolitan Korea that one of her beauty-related struggles is “face bloating”. To address this, she started drinking pumpkin juice. In the morning, when she has time, Sooyoung works up a sweat with the help of her power plate.


7. Sooyoung gets a lot of advice from boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

It’s no secret that Sooyoung has been dating the actor since 2013, so naturally, people are curious about their dynamic and how he helps her with acting. While talking about Run On, Sooyoung was asked about Kyung Ho’s feedback, and she shared, “These days, I’m often asked what I would choose between work and love. I don’t think love and work are separate.

Rather, I think both are a part of my life. I’m doing my best by switching up my priorities when I have to. As for him, I think he is a senior actor who is really good at romantic comedies. I think it’s one of my blessings to have such a person in a position where I can always ask questions comfortably. He gives me lots of ideas and help.”


In case you’re curious, he’s equally in awe of her. During an interview with Ilgan Sports, he said, “She has a lot of warmth, something that I don’t have. She has everything that I don’t have, and I’m envious at times, but I love her all the more for it. Sooyoung really gives me strength.” BRB, swooning.

8. Girls' Generation will always have a special place in her heart.

But you already probably knew that, right? Despite focusing on their solo careers in recent years, they all still make time for each other. Often, we see the members attending each other’s events and showing their support as much as they can. Describing their relationship, she said, “They’re members I’ve known for about 15 years. As women and as people who work, our emotions and the ways we have grown overlap. It’s really fascinating. It’s because we endured those times together…I talked with Tiffany until 1:00 a.m. yesterday. We talk about our concerns about work for about five to six hours. I like that I have a friend to who I can talk about my concerns. The members are like kindred spirits who I can share my worries with.”



9. Sooyoung feels confident about her 30s.

2020 was a real turning point for the multihyphenate, as it was the last year of her twenties. She told Marie Claire, “It feels like the mist is clearing from the paths that I’d never walked before. Now I know what I like, what things make me shine, who I should be with to have fun, and how to spend my time. I think that through everything I experienced in my twenties, what I earned was wisdom. In the past, I used to regret the passage of time. It felt like I wasn’t doing anything and time was just going by, and I wanted to try more things. But now I’ve done those things and what I have left are these roots. I’m going to focus on these roots and spend my 30s wisely.”


10. Follow her on Instagram.

Happy to report that Sooyoung is very active on IG (@Sooyoungchoi). Her posts are a mixture of behind-the-scenes shots, fun trips and get-togethers, dance practice videos, stylish OOTDs, and more. Our girl also has a YouTube channel where she updates fans through her vlogs.



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