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Stell Of SB19 Got Injured During A Performance Of 'Go Up'

Get well soon, Stell!

Stell of SB19 is recuperating following an injury he sustained while performing the song “Go Up” at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa, Manila on January 21.

According to a report from Myx, the incident happened when Stell accidentally tripped on stage. ShowBT Philippines head Robin Geong, better known as Tatang Robin, noticed Stell’s condition and quickly assisted him as Stell's bandmates, Sejun, Josh, Justin, and Ken, continued their performance.

One Twitter user captured the exact moment it happened:

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Fans of SB19, whom they lovingly call A’TINs, commented on Stell’s professionalism despite sustaining an injury.

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Another Twitter user posted a video as Stell was being escorted out of the venue in a wheelchair: 

SB19’s management, ShowBT Philippines, issued a statement on Instagram where they reported that Stell’s muscle ankle is inflamed. Thankfully, he also did not sustain serious injuries such as a dislocated or fractured bone:

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In a later post, Stell shared a selfie and a photo of his injured left ankle as he said, “Thank you for your concern, A'TIN! [Okay] lang po ako.”

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