Congratulations, SB19!
It looks like the international music scene is beginning to recognize the talents of the first Korean-trained P-pop group SB19.On November 20, SB19 achieved a feat as they became the first Pinoy group to enter Billboard's Next Big
It’s positive and inclusive!
If BTS has an ARMY and BLACKPINK has their BLINKS, the Philippines' very own SB19 also came up with their official fandom name which they unveiled in a Facebook Live video on November 2.The first P-pop boy group revealed that
All for the love of their fave artists!
You do not choose the fan life, the fan life chooses you.From spending thousands of pesos to traveling thousands of miles, some Filipinos go to the extremes to express their support and love for their favorite artists. Curious to know how
Our sky blue hearts are shaking!
It looks like there's no stopping SB19 from ~going up~! The P-pop boy group has been making the rounds on TV with various guestings in recent weeks, and one of which is the ABS-CBN variety show ASAP!It
What do you think of SB19's chosen color?
By now, you've probably heard of the latest P-pop boy group to hit town: SB19. The five-piece group which is composed of members Justin, Sejun, Ken, Josh, and Stell, is the first-ever Filipino act to train under
'This signifies our struggles, aspirations, and the people behind our success.'
Filipino boy band SB19 just dropped their official logo on their Instagram account, and it has an especially deep meaning behind it.A lengthy caption accompanied the image, which at first glance appears to be a combination of letters of the pop
There's no way but *up* for these boys!
Even if you aren't particularly a fan of K-pop, you probably already came across shares or retweets about a certain boy group in the recent weeks. SB19 is known as the first-ever Filipino boy group to train under
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