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15 Super Junior B-Side Songs You Shouldn't Sleep On

A list of underrated Super Junior b-sides, aka the non-title tracks that deserve your attention.
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Most K-pop groups that have been in the business long enough are known for certain songs in their discography: For example, TVXQ's "Mirotic" will always have even non-fans of the group singing along to the chorus. In Super Junior's case, the hype over "Sorry, Sorry" when the track was first released in 2009 has yet to fade. Junior idol groups still perform covers to this day, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who *doesn't* know the chorus' point moves.


The K-pop group debuted on November 6, 2005 with 12 members (Kyuhyun joined six months later!), and since then Super Junior has released nine Korean full-studio albums (the most recent being 2019's Time Slip), six CD singles, six live concert albums, and a total of 56 singles (34 Korean, 12 Japanese). Their discography can be intimidating, especially for new fans, and with new music released almost every year, there is a big possibility you might have missed out on some hidden gems. Super Junior is currently preparing for their 15th(!) debut anniversary—and the release of their 10th full-studio album! ICYMI, here is everything you need to know about all the SJ anniversary content (so far).


If you feel like taking a trip through time with Suju, get ready to become an E.L.F. (Ever Lasting Friends) and dive into a blue world (the fandom's official color) with this playlist of the group's underrated b-sides (aka non-title tracks and pre-release singles). Sadly, some of these videos are lyric videos—which just means the songs *deserve* a live stage!

15. "Good Friends" (2011)

A song that describes Super Junior pretty well, "Good Friends" talks about the days the members spent training together and how they formed an unbreakable bond. Even if they grow apart in the future, they'll always have good memories to hold on to until the day they meet again.

Before we knew it 
We’ve shared so much oh~ oh~ 
dripping sweat, tears, secrets 
I’ll always love everything, 
even the times we hated each other 
Before we knew it

14. "Angela" (2009)

In spite of the upbeat tempo, the lyrics are inherently sad—despite being forgotten and left behind, the members sing of still loving someone and staying next to them forever. To them, memories are enough to keep the love alive. *sobs*

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You are my angel, whisper softly 
An affectionate whisper: “I love you everyday” 
The sadness of only one
I pray that I won’t wake up from this dream

13. "Good Person" (2009)

Have you ever been friendzoned or been part of a love triangle? Well, in this song, you're the person on the outside wishing you were 'The One.' The lyrics are sad yet sweet at the same time, because to them truly loving someone means putting their happiness above your own.

When you laugh I feel good too
even when you say it’s just pretend
You bring happiness to the days when I wait for you
the nights when I miss you

12. "You Are The One" (2005)

A love song from their debut album Super Junior 05, the romantic lyrics state that Super Junior is the only one for you, and the members promise to always be by your side. They've definitely kept that promise for the last 15 years!


You are the one, you’re the only love for me
You are the sun, your smile washes over me
You are my love

11. "Song For You" (2007)

Super Junior has performed several songs written with ELFs in mind, but this song is literally titled "Song For You"—how touching is that? A bonus track on the Don't Don album, the sweet lyrics show the love and well-wishes the members have for their fans.

I love you
I bless you
We give you our love

10. "Destiny" (2011)

Fun fact: "Destiny" was originally a Super Junior-M sub-unit song, but it became so popular it was later translated into both Japanese and Korean and all Super Junior members performed it together.

The string of destiny let me meet you 
Heaven is by your side 
Two people's string of destiny 
Happiness is between our interlaced fingers

9. "Andante" (2011)

A musical term meaning "to be played slowly," "Andante" is a song about memories—specifically, wishing so hard to forget painful memories of a lost love, yet losing yourself in dreams of the past. Ang sakit talaga.


Slowly, slowly, the stacked up emotions
Slowly, slowly, the gathered memories
I will slowly, slowly forget them Andante

8. "Don't Leave Me" (2014)

A track co-written and co-composed by Choi Siwon for the Mamacita repackaged album This Is Love, the lyrics describe a heartbroken person asking for forgiveness from a loved one who left them. Be warned: Prepare tissues before you watch the live stage, huhu.

I wish this was a dream, if this is a dream, stop right there
Don’t leave me, don’t leave me
I call out to you even in my sleep, I’m still hurting
Don’t leave me, don’t leave me

7. "From U" (2012)

"This song is dedicated to the world’s biggest fan club. The "ELF."" What a way to start a song! Although "From U" has been performed live on music shows, it's pop sound and more relaxed dance choreo is usually overshadowed by another fan favorite, "No Other."


No matter how much I look,
there is no one prettier than you in this word

6. "Daydream" (2012)

Another sad song (Suju's emotional ballads are just incredibly good), "Daydream" describes the pain and heartbreak you feel immediately after a breakup. The lyrics are super relatable (pun intended) for anyone who's gone through a bad breakup and thought, 'I didn't see that coming. What went wrong?'

The memories of love are playing with me
One more time, one more time
I can’t believe it has ended like this
With just this, all those promises…
how, how?

5. "Opera" (2011)

The song that almost became Mr. Simple’s title track (instead, it became the lead single for their Japanese comeback), "Opera" is a definite bop—the chorus goes *hard*. The heavy beat just makes you want to hit a dance floor, stat. P.S. If you can't handle the camerawork in the Korean MV, watch the original Japanese release below:


Losing yourself in the difficult latin, latin languages
or the dramatic, dramatic stories

4. "Midnight Blues" (2014)

There's only one word for it: SENSUAL. The seductive beat, those body rolls and hip sways(!)—you'd think it was a sexy song, but the lyrics actually describe being drunk on love, trying to forget that person, but being irresistibly drawn to them anyways.

I erase you then draw you out again
then get lost in the darkness
Drunk off our farewell,
my body scatters
I’m shaking, I want to forget you

3. "So I" (2005)

An OG love song from their first album Super Junior 05, "So I" is that perfect rainy day listen. Also, imagine waving your hands in the air along with thousands of other fans at a concert as Super Junior serenades you with this slow ballad—doesn't that just sound perfect?

So I pray for you oh so I
So I promise you oh so I
I promise you everything
I am going to believe that it’s you


2. "Islands" (2014)

Mamacita gave ELFs many hidden gems, but "Islands" is a crowd-pleaser for a reason. The incredible harmonies just do this song justice. ELFs will also never forget the hilarious mistake made by Heechul—and repeated by the other members—during the concerts! Skip to 3:57-4:03 and just listen to Ryeowook's, Kyuhyun's, and Heechul's voices overlap (plus Heechul's sustained high note!). *Amazing.* 

All the things we shared
Colors in my heart every day
With the same light,
we are made as one, forever

1. "Raining Spell For Love" (2014)

Yet another Mamacita track (that album + the This Is Love repackage are *gold*), it's practically criminal that Super Junior ~still~ hasn't given a live performance of "Raining Spell For Love". Give ELFs the angsty stage under the rain this song title is practically begging for, PLEASE.

Catch the cloud that is getting far away
So the raindrops that block you won’t stop
Catch the ticking time
So this moment can freeze and love won’t stop


Bonus: "Happiness" (2007)

Also known as Haengbok, the song's adorable music video follows the Suju members getting ready for an upcoming Hug Event with their fans. "Happiness" is actually a remixed cover of H.O.T.'s same-titled song from their second album, Wolf and Sheep, which was released in 1997. Check out the original version below! 

I can’t let go of the eternal happiness
Can you see me?
Call my name! By your side
I will stay, I love you!
Let’s be together, you and me, forever.

Other songs that deserve a special mention: "I Am," "Reset," "Coagulation," "Your Eyes," "In My Dream," "All My Heart," "A Short Journey," "Boom Boom," "Storm," "A Day," "Only U," "Haru," "Rockstar," "A ‘Good’bye," "Stars Appear," and "We Can."

If you're ready to listen to these Super Junior songs one more time, check out the full playlist here:

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