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Supermodel Ingrid Holm: On Fashion Tips, Blogging, And Traveling

Get some useful tips from this supermodel who has traveled around the world in the name of fashion--and blogged about the experience.

Nowadays, where everything is modern and ultra-high tech, we very much rely on the World Wide Web to immediately get news, trend reports, caught-on-cam photos of celebs, and fashion inspirations.

Thanks to this online trend, fashion blogs have been popping up all over cyberspace. One such blog you may have stumbled upon is The Showmanship, a blog about the musings of a vintage-lover, photo enthusiast, and a world traveler, Ingrid Holm. Cosmo got to chat with this half-Filipina, half-Norwegian model and student when she was in the Philippines recently.

She conquered the runway, and now she’s on her way to becoming one of the top fashion bloggers. Upon visiting her blog, Lookbook and Chictopia, you sort of feel like you’ve been brought to the past. The way she takes her photos--Polaroid-like or black and white--give them that vintage feel that's sooo in now. What’s interesting about her blog, too, is you get inspired by the scenic photographs of London and other places she goes to. If her words and photos are not enough to inspire or impress you, just turn to her style: it's effortlessly chic. She can wear a corset top, vintage black shorts over opaque tights, and statement heels, then pile on random rings, and still look like she stepped right off a photo shoot.

Continue reading to know more about Ingrid and her love for fashion, traveling, and photography, and pick up tips you can use, too, for your similar passions.

1. Describe your personal fashion style and fashion icons/inspirations.

My personal style is never overdressed, never over-styled, never too trendy. I enjoy classic pieces and items of clothing that speak for themselves. Some items of clothing are just iconic. There's vintage Levi's cut-offs from the 90s, the perfect LBD, and the perfect fur jacket that makes any outfit. Those are the kinds of pieces that I invest in.

I love women that use vintage clothing--Kate Moss is the ultimate. I also adore Hannah from My beauty inspiration is the young Elizabeth Taylor. She was a classic beauty, and she loved her jewelery...rightly so, in my opinion. It's important to have a beauty inspiration as well as a fashion inspiration, because clothes are only half the outfit. Your face and hair are going to get just as much attention and will make or break your look.

2. How do you “stand out” from the rest, in terms of style?

I think that standing out, style-wise, is 100% how you carry yourself. That's why supermodels can make a garbage bag look good. Walk with elegance and have some finesse. Learn how to walk in heels and don't drag your feet! In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey Hepburn appears in one scene dressed in her bed sheet.

3. You also have a blog, The Showmanship. Tell us the reason behind the name of the blog and tell us more about it. How did you start? How long have you been blogging? What inspires you to write an entry?

"The Showmanship" implies that this is a show put on for my readers. It is a direct translation of the french term sens du spectacle. I've been blogging for years! I've always enjoyed photography, writing, and being creative, so I am always inspired to write. Beauty and humor inspire me--you can find it everywhere and in any situation.

4. Do you follow the latest trends? If so, what are your favorite trends for summer?

I've started to follow trends a little more now, as I think the fashion industry has really taken in fashion bloggers with open arms. To me this is wonderful. The trends that I love for S/S 2010 are the things that I would have loved any season--beautifully delicate dresses in silks and lace, and the underwear as outerwear trend. I love lingerie! It's too bad that I have been single for the past three years.

5. What do you normally wear on a typical day?

This summer I will be wearing playsuits, vintage dresses, and my vintage Levi's cutoffs. I always accessorize with statement rings--I love real gold vintage rings with semi-precious stones. I'm a magpie and I love jewelry.

6. Name your favorite summer destination.

Summers in Oslo are the best in the world. No kidding. It is glamorous and beautiful. Everyone sits around in the golden sunshine with a good wine and seafood, or else they go boating. I don't know any place in the world that's better during the summertime than Oslo. Best of all, it's not pretentious like the South of France. Although I do love the French Riviera as well.

7. When traveling, can you say you are more of a heavy packer or light packer?

I'm an expert packer. I always try to travel light and I never go over my baggage weight limit.

8. What do you usually wear when you travel?

When I travel the most important thing that I wear is a fantastic pair of sunglasses. Seriously, they'll make any outfit look more glamorous, even just a simple one. Also bring a good, roomy leather bag. You'll need it, trust me. Tiny little handbags and traveling just don't mix, although you should pack a small clutch if you're planning to party at night. And if possible, pack a handsome man to hold your clutch the whole night. Haha.

9. Can you give five or more fashion essentials that every Cosmo girl should bring with her when traveling?

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  • A good pair of sunglasses. It hides a multitude of sins when tired from traveling, and it makes even simple outfits look more glamorous.
  • Don't paint your nails! Just get a good manicure with clear nail varnish right before your trip. Chipped painted nails are not hot.
  • Pack a simple LBD. They work every time, and for a multitude of occasions.
  • Don't pack dresses/items of clothing that are going to wrinkle up in your suitcase. It will just make you look unkempt.
  • Invest in a good pair of heels that won’t turn your feet into one big blister when running around. I have two pairs of black boots from a Swedish brand called Din Sko that I can wear the whole day without feeling any pain. If you're going to walk like a tractor drove over your feet at the end of a long day, then just wear a good pair of simple sneakers instead.
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10. What advice can you give Cosmo girls when it comes to being a chic jet-setter?

Traveling is tiring and can be so not chic, so don't stress yourself by trying to absorb a million things in a small trip. Quality over quantity is what makes a trip chic, in my opinion. Spend the afternoon drinking wine and enjoying the sunset in one beautiful area instead of trying to do an Olympic run around the city/location to catch all the tourist attractions. It's the worst thing that I know. All you end up doing is walking in a huge group of other tourists taking pictures of meaningless 'attractions.' I get really frazzled by that kind of traveling.