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Team Kramer Starts The Process For Baby No.4

Is there a chance for a new Baby Kramer even after ligation?
PHOTO: Instagram/dougkramer

Doug Kramer just revealed that their family is now taking steps to try for baby number four. Doug says that his wife, model-actress Chesca Kramer, will be undergoing “a long, complicated process” in order to ready her body to get pregnant again

The couple already has three kids: Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, each with a fair share of the Kramer spotlight. Apparently, Chesca’s consecutive pregnancies with Scarlett and Gavin took a toll on her body, so the couple decided to have Chesca ligated at that time. 

Now, six years later and after a series of rigid tests to make sure that Chesca is healthy and ready, the couple wants to try to grow their family again. Doug admits that “it's a complicated process, but there are other ways to restart the baby factory!”

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Looking more closely at Doug’s post, we spotted a primer that read “Ovarian Stimulation, GnRH Antagonist Protocol.” Digging deeper, we found that this process is a novel ovarian stimulation protocol, often a precursor to IVF procedures. We’ll find out more as the Kramers reveal details about this journey towards baby number four.