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The 9 New Instagram Hashtags Y'all Should Be Using Right Now

#BLESSED (Loljk!)

If you’re sick of the same old selfies and kinda gross food shots cluttering up your Instagram feed, it’s time for you to get out and discover the bigger IG world that’s out there! We’ve rounded up some hashtags to help you stumble upon stunning snapshots, follow new users whose IG game you admire, and maybe even get inspired to do what they do, whether it’s DIY crafting, traveling the world, or taking pictures of, like, feet. Start clicking, and share other hashtags you’re currently digging in the comments below!

1. #flatlay

Flat lays are fantastic to look at, especially when they’re well-curated and follow a theme. To do your own flat lay, arrange a set of related items flat on a surface, whether it’s your outfit for the day or the contents of your bag or a bunch of your favorite things together, and shoot it from above. Don’t forget the filter!

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See also: #thingsorganizedneatly

2. #fromwhereistand

These shots that show outfits from the waist down let you admire shoes, bottoms, and bags (and okay, even floors) in all their glory. This summer, refresh your #OOTDs by cutting your face out of the equation, focusing on your super-fine footwear and newly waxed gams, and letting the ground beneath your feet speak volumes about all the adventures you’re having.

See also: #ihavethisthingwithfloors

3. #fromwhereisit

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Here’s another hashtag that lets you stalk fabulous footwear, only the subjects are seated. Obvs.

4. #fromwhattheysee

This type of shot taken from behind the subject lets the viewer see the same view the subject sees. Use this hashtag to see some truly breathtaking scenes from around the world that just might inspire you to get up off your ass and see more than what’s outside your office window this summer.

5. #whiteaddict

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White is very in on IG, with a number of fashion girls and artist types incorporating its clean minimalism into their grids. Explore this hashtag for an overload of white that’s super easy on the eyes.

See also: #whitespace, #allwhite

6. #magneticpoetry

The use of magnetic poetry kits to weave short poems is steadily catching on among IG users. Click on this hashtag to see people’s feels splayed out via word magnets, and find one that speaks to you at any #hugot moment in your life. Bonus: There’s some comic relief in there, too!

7. #calligraphy

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Come for the lovely lettering, stay for the quotes. You’re bound to spot inspiring bits of wisdom in these calligraphy posts, made even more poignant by twirly brush strokes.

See also: #handlettering, #brushlettering

8. #thatsdarling

Need a quick mood-booster? Type in this hashtag and be bombarded by lots of cute little moments that will make your soul smile, from wonderful scenery to prettily laid out objects to sweet interactions like this newlywed couple kissing. Aww!

See also: #flashesofdelight, #makeitblissful

9. #hotdudesreading

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And #hotdudeswithdogs. And #menandcoffee. Basically hot dudes EVERYTHING.

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