The Best DIY-Themed Instagram Accounts To Follow

Because crafting is good for the soul.

1. @mikkomix

Mikko Sumulong's account is all kinds of pretty—filled with stamps, handmade cards, and pressed flowers.

2. @lifeafterbreakfastph

Best enjoyed with your morning latte, Alessandra Lanot's Instagram account will make you want to try out calligraphy, watercolor art, and stamping. Follow her for your morning dose of good vibes.

3. @mansyabesamis

Never realized that paper cutting could be beautiful and inspiring—until we followed potter and photographer Mansy Abesamis.

4. @lorraelena

Because storytelling doesn't always involve words.

5. @kirsten_nunez

Kirsten Nunez, a Pinay crafter and author based in New York, has a collection of interesting fashion how-to ideas. Our favorites? Her DIY tutorial on pearl earrings and chain-wrapped boots!

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