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The Coolest Couples You Should Be Following On Instagram

Because their feed will make you feel some serious IG #fomo.

The Tastemakers: Gab Bustos and Thea De Rivera
IG handles: @gabonthecoast and @theaderivera

With their two restaurants, The Girl + The Bull in Parañaque and 12/10 in Makati, these entrepreneurs have proven that art comes in many shapes, forms, and even tastes. Presentation is key when these two curate a dining experience, and their IG stream is no different. Chef/owner Gab mixes plating presentations with sweet snapshots of his green-locked goddess, while Thea throws in photos of dishes, resto interiors, and cute couple-y moments! You'll be double-tapping your way through their mouthwatering accounts, but don't worry you can always visit their restaurants for the real thing.

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The Adventure Time Duo: Jay Alvarez and Alexis Ren
IG handles: @jayalvarez and @alexisren

She’s a California model with a rockin’ bod and he’s a daredevil filmmaker who has an insatiable zest for life. Every shot looks like a bikini ad or a surf campaign. Plus, their couple selfie game is so strong it will make you and your BF cringe at your captured moments. Their use of social media embodies their thirst for utopia, proving that you can actually find paradise in another human being.  

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The Constant Collaborators: Ralph Mendoza and Sam Potenciano
IG handles: @ralphmendo and @sampotenciano

It’s only fitting that their Instagram accounts mirror modern magazine visuals, since both have worked together on and contributed to some of the biggest titles in the publishing industry. A fashion stylist and current editor-in-chief of Candy, Sam’s feed is composed of wistful moments at work, dining out, or hanging with her cute frenchies, Lupita and Nori (who, BTW, have an IG account of their own called @lupiandnori). Ralph, on the other hand, is a talented lensman whose fresh yet raw aesthetic takes center stage in the countless photos he’s shot of svelte models, rising "It" kids, and of course, his girlfriend.

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The Mad Stylin’ Marriage: Sam Larson and Kelli Murray
IG handles: @samalanche and @kelli_murray

This California-based couple makes marriage look so fly. Sam Larson is always well-dressed, while Kelli is that rare free spirit who seems to be living the American dream. What makes their account so different? They include their adorable kids in their stylish photo ops.

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The Nature Trippers: Thomas Caja and Kimi Juan
IG handles: @thomascaja and @kimijuan

You’ve never seen ’gram accounts so serene until you’ve visited these lovebirds’ personal travel diaries. Cool blues from the deepest of oceans, relaxing mountain ridges, and majestic trees cull a sense of exploration. These visual travelogues create a breathtaking experience for the new follower, a much-needed repose from the usual couple #OOTD and #selfie. It’s like you’re on their journey, witnessing sights yet to be encountered, one post at a time.

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