The Cosmo Girl's Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Because 1) you never know when it could happen, and 2) a Cosmo girl is always prepared.

If, like us at Cosmo, you have this hidden obsession over anything zombie-related (hellooo, World War Z!), then you’ll love this list we’ve compiled to get all you ass-kicking Cosmo chicks into fearless survival mode during an invasion of the walking dead.

1. Use your stilettos and aim for the head.
If Jessica Alba could do it to a knife-wielding intruder in Machete, then so can you to a brainless, slow-moving zombie.

Watch at your own risk: Skip to 0:40 to find out how to effectively use your beloved pumps.

2. Don’t fall in love with a zombie, no matter how cute he may seem.
A 28 Days Later type of apocalypse is more likely to happen in real life than a Warm Bodies one.

Note to self: The cute zombie IRL is not going to give you survival tips against his “race.”

3. Get into the zombie-killing zone: Think of every zombie as that bitch who stole your guy.
Or as your ex who ran off with that bitch.

Yup, these girls are going to hell.

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4. Since hunting Zs during the day is best, stock up on all brands of sunscreen.
The last thing you want to deal with in an undead world is a nasty sunburn.

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5. If you don’t have the Zombie Scanner in your iPhone yet, well what the heck are you waiting for?
Zombies don’t automatically turn into walking, decaying corpses. The freshly zombified ones will probably look as human as you are.

Let’s just hope there’s wifi.

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6. Channel your zombie-hunting heroine (a la Emma Stone in Zombieland).
Preferably one who oozes an “I’m hot, I’m independent, and I can make any survivor do whatever I want him to do” kind of charm.


7. Like Maggie in Walking Dead, find a safe place to MOMOL in the midst of the undead frenzy.
Kissing actually lowers the stress level cortisol, which—duh! You kinda need in such, er, trying times! Just be careful not to go down the Lori route and get yourself pregnant.


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…not this.

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8. When going out on dates now, make sure to pick a guy who has the potential to be your Brad Pitt during World War Z.
Remember: Never settle for anything less! Let this be your mantra: “Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt.”

You wanna be with someone with Brad Pitt-level skills. Or Brad Pitt.

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