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'The Kissing Booth' Is So Cheesy, And We LOVE It

You gotta admit, it makes you ~feel things~!
PHOTO: The Kissing Booth/Netflix

WARNING: This post contains spoilers about The Kissing Booth.

So if you've been spending a lot of time on Netflix lately, then you've probably heard of their new original, The Kissing Booth. If you've watched it, you'd agree with me that it IS the chick flick our inner tweens have been waiting for. And if you haven't, here's why you should stream it, ASAP:

The Story

Right off the bat, let me tell you that The Kissing Booth is an adaptation of a novel written on Wattpad by author Beth Reekles when she was just 15 years old. The story is pretty straightforward, but the characters are so lovable, and they make the movie such an easy watch. Like most chick flicks, The Kissing Booth tells a story about friendship, love, and family. An average girl, falling in love with the popular bad boy; it's a fairytale love story that gives our cheesy hearts a ~glimmer of hope.~ 

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The Cast

Let's put it on the table: the cast members of The Kissing Booth are HOT. If that's not reason enough to give this romcom a try, well maybe you need more proof.

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Remember Ramona Quimby from Ramona and Beezus? This is her now. Feel old yet?

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Joey King, who plays Elle Evans in the movie, has grown up to be quite a fine young lady. And while we still remember her as that sweet 10-year-old acting alongside Selena Gomez, this film makes it certain that she's not a little girl anymore. 

Joel Courtney plays Lee Flynn—Elle's best friend. He's also known as the ~*lesser Flynn*~ in the movie, and is the boy next door IRL. His character's cute and genuine awkwardness makes him so easy to love. 

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Of course, who could miss out on Noah Flynn aka Jacob Elordi. I mean, just look at him! We're pretty sure high school boys didn't look like that during our time!

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True To Life

And like what happens to Elle and Noah in The Kissing Booth, I am more than happy to let you know that Joey King and Jacob Elordi are actually dating IRL! Yes. Dreams do come true, which adds to the reasons why we love this movie. A love story came true from Wattpad, to real life—we're hooked.

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Too cute.

Still not convinced? Here are what some fans have been saying:

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BRB, will watch The Kissing Booth for the nth time.