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The Many Times Ellen Adarna Got Real AF On IG

All the quotes she posts prove she's just like us. #truth

Ellen Adarna’s naturally anti-artista attitude and outspokenness has gotten her tons of haters AND lovers, as well. She’s a living paradox—one minute she’s all artista glam on the red carpet, and the next she’s drinking beer straight from a bottle (and posts it on IG!).

So we stalked her Instagram account (admit it, you did too) and found real AF quotes on life, love, alcohol (but of course), and more! Unlike most of her showbiz peers, she chooses to stay unfiltered online. Kudos to you, Ellen!

For all her haters

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When you hit a rough patch

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For all the times you’ve made a drunk call/text

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On the ‘man bun’ LOL

Waste no time on regrets!

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On staying true to yourself

Not giving a flying f*ck about Halloween (or other Western commercial ‘holidays’)

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How to be an adult?

The secret to staying forever young

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Lose the ‘fuckboy’ ASAP


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On her natural urges



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