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Tom Holland Just Shaved His Head For A Movie, And Twitter Is Freaking Out

RIP, Tom Holland's locks, 1996 to 2019.
PHOTO: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

To those of you who clicked this article out of sheer curiosity and/or undying love for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland, I just want to start off with a big fat apology. I am truly sorry, because the footage you are about to see may not be for faint-of-heart Holland lovers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Today, I am here to deliver the devastating news that Tom Holland is now hairless. Tom currently has the internet in mourning because he decided to shave his head, and absolutely no one was ready for it.

If you're a normal person, you're probably thinking, Why in the fresh hell would Tommy do such a thing to himself? Well, since Tom is a professional actor, he may sometimes have to alter his looks to fit a role, which is exactly why he got his luscious locks buzzed. Tom is currently filming his new movie Cherry, which is set to premiere next year. According to the official IMDb page, Cherry is about "an army medic suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who becomes a serial bank robber after an addiction to drugs puts him in debt."!

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Given the nature of Cherry's plot, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that Tom had to buzz his hair off. Please take a look for yourself, and prepare to spiral into a depression-filled abyss:

Naturally, people had a lottt of feelings about Tom's new hair:

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Amid all the grief, there's actually quite a bit of support for Hairless Tom Holland. I, for one, don't think he looks bad at all. Tom already looked like a baby before his haircut, and somehow the shaved head just makes him look EXTRA baby...which I can stan. I mean, the good news here is that he can grow it back, right???


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