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Plastic Surgery? Toni And Alex Gonzaga React To The Wildest Rumors About Them

Alex was asked if she had a nose job.
PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Alex Gonzaga Official

Whenever Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga appear in each other's videos, you can bet on entertaining + witty content! This is exactly what Alex delivered in her latest vlog where she sat down with Toni to talk about the wildest rumors about them over makeup.

"Suplada at mataray ka daw sa personal?" was the first rumor that Alex debunked about her sister. Other questions tackled blind items and issues such as them undergoing plastic surgery.

When asked to confirm if she had a nose job, Alex wittily answered, "Guys, hindi pa ako nagpapagawa ng ilong, pero malapit na."

They also straightened out comments talking about their bodies. According to Alex, people are saying that Toni is going through some problems because of her thin figure while she, on the other hand, is pregnant.

About this, Toni has this to say: "Ganun talaga ang body type ko. Hindi mo maintindihan ang mga tao. Kapag payat ka, may pinagdadaanan. Kapag mataba ka...Wow grabe naman, ang taba, magpapayat siya."

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Alex also shared some candid stories about their close bond, like how she ended up crying to her sister at 7 a.m. before a taping because she commented on her 'puson.'

"Who is my biggest critic? This girl right over here."

She also said that there was another time when Toni replied to a guy she was currently seeing without her knowledge. Apparently, Toni posed as her and sent a message that says, "Stop talking to me, ayoko na talaga."

Toni, however, said that she only did it to save her little sister from the relationship.

While the two openly discussed some of the rumors, there were also others that they chose to ignore. Toni even dropped a golden quote during the video to explain: "There are rumors that don't deserve your answer. They deserve your silence."

Despite their funny back and forth, the duo also showed their close relationship as usual. Alex even assured Toni's fans that she will always be the first one to protect her sister from anything and everything.

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Now, that's a true sibling relationship you have there!

Watch their full video below.

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