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WATCH: Toni Gonzaga Shares What A Typical Work Day For Her Looks Like Now

She gives a peek at how she shoots for her shows at home!

For her latest vlog, Toni Gonzaga walked us through a day of shooting from her home. On that particular day, she shot two episodes for her current talk show show, I Feel U.

She wakes up early in the morning to start her day with breakfast. Toni does her own hair and makeup for work, as well as putting together her outfits. She has a dressing/makeup room in her home which she uses as a studio as well. Just like us, she struggled to look for a decent background for her videos, so she resorted to covering the panels of her shoe cabinet with old wallpaper from Sevi’s room. Cute idea! She also shared that she bought lights online to for her “set.”

One tip we learned: When it comes to doing her makeup, she opens up her laptop’s Photobooth app to check how she looks on-screen—a tip we can all use for prepping ourselves for video calls and interviews. 

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As for her set-up, she uses an improvised two-camera setup with her laptop as her main cam and her phone as her second camera. Toni also proudly shares that she’s learned a thing or two about lighting as well.

Near the end of the video, where she wraps up her work day, Toni shares that she really puts in a lot of effort to dress up from head to toe to show her respect for her colleagues and audience: “Buo yung bihis ko, buo yung makeup ko, accessories, and all because I want to show the same amount of respect and preparation na ginagawa ko on TV dito sa online show ko. Anything that is given sa akin, I wanna give my 100 percent because I love what I do. I get to talk to people and know their stories and hear their journey their heartaches and their success stories."

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