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Top 12 SONGS For Every Stage Of Your BREAKUP

Let these strong songstresses support you through your heartache and help you deal with the different relationship woes that have plagued us all.

When you want to ease your pain, but can't find the words that would do that, there's only one thing to do: Listen to music. Sure, you could go through the alternative recovery techniques (i.e. watch a feel-good flick, read an inspiring book, or spend some "me" time at home recuperating), but the quickest way to effectively purge your emotions is to let them out through good old song.

There are tons of tunes out there that are perfect for the soundtrack of the recently single—we even compiled a few playlists for you in past years. But this time, it's all about the girls. That's right, we've listed 12 songs that have passed from a woman's lips to your own ears, giving you consolation in your time of need. After all, we all want to feel like we aren't alone in our pain.

We looked back at classic hits from the '90s to stir up some nostalgic memories, and mixed them with contemporary songs that you may be more familiar with. No matter what circumstances were behind your breakup, you're sure to find a song that applies to your current situation.

Browse through the gallery for our top 12 songs, and tell us when you comment which one is most apt for your post-breakup sitch.

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