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These Are The Top 10 Chinese Dramas On IQIYI This Year

Have you seen Darren Chen's 'My Unicorn Girl?'
Top 10 Chinese Dramas On IQIYI Philippines 2020

From fantasy dramas to light rom-coms to reality shows, IQIYI has been offering a lot of content this year! In no particular order, here are the most-watched C-dramas on the streaming platform. You might want to check them out for yourself!  

1. My Unicorn Girl

The plot, according to IQIYI: Meteor Garden 2018's Darren Chen stars as a hockey player with face blindness who meets a female figure skater disguised as a boy. 

2. Youth With You: Season 2

The plot, according to IQIYI: In this survival talent competition, BLACKPINK's Lisa Manoban joins the fun as a dance mentor! 

3. Love Is Sweet

The plot, according to IQIYI: "It follows the story of a girl named Jiang Jun who meets her close childhood friend, Ma Yuanshuai, in the workplace—this time, however, not as an ally but as a rival!" 

4. Poisoned Love

The plot, according to IQIYI: "Fang Yan is a talented voice actor, but she's suffering from a mental illness. She accidentally encounters Shi Meng, a film producer who can help cure her illness, but she mistakes him for Shi Meng's brother, Shi Yi." 

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5. Love Designer

The plot, according to IQIYI: "A fashion designer and an e-commerce businessman are *forced* to cooperate for work. As conflicts arise, they get to know each other better." 

6. Lucky's First Love

The plot, according to IQIYI: An "adorkable" 24-year-old who has never been in a relationship is determined to prove that she can design a game that revolves around ~love~. 

7. And The Winner Is Love

The plot, according to IQIYI: "Chong Xue Zhi, a young master of Chonghuo Palace, leaves her home for a chance to experience the world and runs into Shang Guan Tou, master of the Yueshang Valley. While outside, Chong Xue Zhi finds out she has been banished from the palace after their treasured martial arts manual 'Nine Techniques Of The Lotus God' is stolen, and decides to track down the thief with the help of Shang Guan Tou."

8. Dance Of The Sky Empire

The plot, according to IQIYI: Set during the Tang Dynasty, this drama tells the story of students of Moyun Academy! "In that era, human beings and demons co-exist in the world. However, the birth of Li Xuan, a child of mixed blood, whose parents are a human and a demon, disrupts the peace." 

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9. Go Ahead

The plot, according to IQIYI: This series focuses on three childhood friends who all grew up together, much like siblings. However, their complicated past soon ~catches up with them~.

10. The Legends

The plot, according to IQIYI: "It's based on a novel called Zhao Yao and focuses on Lu Zhao Yao, a cheerful girl who was raised by her grandfather in the mountains, where she spends her life cut off from the outside world. However, one day she meets Luo Ming Xuan, whose betrayal leads her entire world to change."


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