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Troy Montero And Aubrey Miles Reveal Their Daughter Has Autism: 'We're still in the process of learning'

'You just need to know where to go.'
Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles reveal their daughter Rocket has autism
PHOTO: Instagram/milesaubrey

Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles shared a heartfelt revelation on social media a few days ago.

Aubrey shared a lengthy post on IG about how their three-year-old daughter, Rocket, was diagnosed with ASD or autism spectrum disorder.

"We didn't share this right away because we are still learning about ASD," Aubrey said. "It was important for us to educate ourselves about it. At first, we were confused and [we] questioned ourselves, how, and why."

Aubrey clarified that while dealing with autism may be challenging, it is not an issue. Rocket, she explained, has common ASD symptoms such as delayed speech, no eye contact, as well as difficulty communicating and controlling her emotions. Currently, Rocket is taking speech therapy and occupational therapy.

"Autism is always present in many ways," Aubrey added. "There's no proven reason that's 100% why kids get autism. It can just happen."

Aubrey reassured parents that while having a child with autism can be scary,  it's not the worst.

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"You just need to know where to go, what you're dealing with, [find] the right therapist, the right support groups, and lots of love. We're still in the process of learning. It's going to be a long ride."



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