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TWICE's 'Seize The Light' Documentary Is Bringing Them Even *Closer* To Their Fans

The eight-part docu is available on YouTube Premium!
PHOTO: JYP Entertainment

Global K-pop sensation TWICE is set to have a heart-to-heart conversation with their fans, ONCE, in their eight-part YouTube Originals documentary Seize The Light.

The documentary revolves around the recently concluded world tour of the nine-member group, TWICE World Tour 2019 Twicelights, and gives fans a sneak peek at their ~struggles and regrets~.

The first episode, which was uploaded on April 29, reveals the journey each of the members went through to become part of the industry.

They get emotional as they go back to their roots, from usual after-school activities, frustrations during training, the relationships they have with their families, and things they wish they did and didn't do. Their dreams, though, were enough for them to push through all the difficulties that come with being a trainee with an uncertain future. But, as we all know, this led them to become members of TWICE.

Their determination to move forward and pursue their dreams was strengthened by the love and support given to them by their ONCE, which drives them to fight through the extreme difficulties that come with being a K-pop idol.

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Despite striving to attain the image of a wholly "healthy" person (physically, emotionally, and mentally), ONCE still see the members of TWICE as real people who aren't afraid to show how human they are.

In the middle of their first world tour, their agency JYP Entertainment announced that Mina will be withdrawing from the group's activities due to health reasons. It was later revealed that Mina had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. 

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During her absence, TWICE couldn't help but feel guilty that they weren't performing together as nine during the world tour. But, of course, ONCE remained ver open-minded about Mina's absence and supportive of her well-being.

Mina has since made a comeback with her TWICE sisters and they are now able to perform as a group of nine again.

The documentary is a great opportunity for fans to become closer to TWICE in a very personal way. Seize The Light is available on YouTube Premium, but you can watch the first full episode below: 


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