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Victoria Beckham Only Eats This When Dining Out

With a touch of salt, that is.

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck claims Victoria Beckham orders only spinach or steamed vegetables when she dines at his upscale restaurant.

The celebrity chef has revealed the fashion designer and her former soccer player husband David Beckham are regulars at his popular Cut restaurant in Los Angeles.

Austrian-born Wolfgang added that while Victoria, 41, prefers to eat only vegetables with just "a touch of salt," David, 40, will happily order a steak.

The chef shared that he felt the former Spice Girl had a less than friendly approach to fellow diners.

"She's uptight," Wolfgang told Heat magazine. "Everything has to be right, she's not interested in talking to anyone."

The chef, who laid on the catering at the couple's 'Welcome to LA' party in 2008 when David arrived in California to play for LA Galaxy, said that he had a friendly relationship with the star and described him as a "straight eater" who has simple tastes when it comes to dining.

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Wolfgang has supplied the food for A-list guests at the Academy Awards Governor's Ball for the last 22 years, and admits that it isn't just fashion maven Victoria who sticks with a plant-based diet; catering for the Oscars' crowd requires a lot of food, because some actors have been watching their weight in the days leading up to the ceremony. He also reveals that female A-listers are keen to look great in their gowns with some avoiding food for "three or four days" beforehand.

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