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What Cosmo Readers Think About 'Vanity Tax'

No surprise here: Many of you are against this.
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Congressman Rodel Batocabe recently met the ire of many individuals on social media, after news broke that he wants to impose a 10- to 30- percent vanity tax on cosmetic products and "beauty services such as liposuctions, facelifts, nose jobs, and breast augmentation."

A report adds that Batocabe thinks "it would be better to impose a 'vanity tax' on those who want to look good, which is a luxury."

We didn’t think we had any more eye rolls to give, but we were wrong—and it looks like many CGs feel the same way. Here are some comments we received on Facebook about Batocabe’s proposed vanity tax.

* Answers have been edited for clarity.

"How about those professionals who have a need to look presentable? I'm a teacher. Ang haba ng oras ng pagtuturo and to prevent na magmukhang haggard and tired, dinadaan namin sa pag-aayos para ma-boost lalo ang confidence namin. Sana hindi mapatupad ito (How about those professionals who need to be fixed up to look presentable? I’m a teacher. We have long work hours, and to avoid looking haggard and tired, we fix ourselves up to boost our confidence even more. I hope this doesn’t push through)." – April

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"Sure, he has a point. But there are a lot more items in the market that are worth taxing more. Bakit hindi alak at sigarilyo ang patawan ng mas mataas na tax? Nang hindi na napapabisyo ang walang pera at hindi na nakakasira ng pamilya (Why not put a higher tax on liquor and cigarettes? So those with no money won’t have to turn to vices, and families won’t fall apart.)

"Hindi naman 'luho' para sa lahat ng mga babae ang makeup. Marami sa kanila REQUIREMENT 'yan sa trabaho. (Makeup isn’t a luxury for all women. For many of them, it’s a requirement at work)." – Isabel

"Yes, paano na lang mga nagtatrabaho sa hotels and restaurants? Usually minimum wage pero required ang makeup sa work para presentable at respectable sa harap ng guest. And if the country needs more taxes, is it [fair] na girls lang halos ang affected? Mahal na nga napkin at bra eh. And for some girls, kasama din sa budget ang contraceptives. Dagdag pahirap sa babae. And besides, if they do this, para nilang sinabi na may kaya lang ang pwede mag-mukhang presentable (What about those who work in hotels and restaurants? They usually earn minimum wage, but they’re required to wear makeup to work so they’re presentable and respectable in front of guests. And if the country needs more taxes, is it fair that only girls will be affected? Napkins and bras are already expensive. And for some girls, contraceptives are included in their expenses. This just adds to women’s hardships. And besides, if they do this, it’s almost like they’re saying only people who can afford it have the right to look presentable)." – Maria Bernadette

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"For makeup artists, professional man or starting pa lang, makeup is our bread and butter. We buy it not for vanity—it plays a huge part in our job... Mas lalong lalaganap ang fake makeup sa market if ma-approve yan (Fake makeup will become even more widespread in the market if this gets approved.) #DontTaxMyBeauty #NoToVanityTax." – Jessie Jean

“Instead of focusing on such trivial matters, why don't they use their time and energy on things that really matter? They are wasting taxpayers' money by proposing such an incredulous tax. Makeup is not just for vanity. For some, this is their source of livelihood. The proposed tax heavily affects women but I guess this is nothing new since our president objectifies women on an everyday basis." – Nathea

"Konting kaligayahan na nga lang e. Ta-tax-an pa. Ang pagbayarin niyo ng multa, 'yung mga FAKE makeup na delikado. Malaki nawawala sa gobyerno dahil sa kanila. Sila habulin niyo (These are simple joys that shouldn't be taxed. Impose fines on dangerous fake makeup instead. The government is losing a lot of money because of them. They're the ones you should go after)." – Lieza

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"Anti-feminist sobra! They shouldn't make more taxes. They should just improve on how they collect them! Sobrang wtf!" – Diane

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