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Yikes! Wil Dasovich Got In Trouble With The Bullied Husbands Club

'We could wife swap.'
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

In his newest vlog post, Wil Dasovich paid a visit to Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff's office in Makati and we see them planning a bros' trip to Iceland, Finland, Antarctica, and maybe even Las Vegas. Nico and Erwan end up teasing Wil about being a legit "bullied husband," and Nico even grabs the camera to address Alodia Gosiengfiao. "What have you done to Wil?"

AND THEN, Wil makes a suggestion that leaves Nico #shookt: "Hey, you know what we could do? We could wife swap." We see a freeze frame of Nico's face, with hilarious voice overs: "Wifezilla [Solenn Heussaff] will kill me like ten times if I say yes to this...How do I say no? Because if I say no, maybe Alodia will kill me."

Now, before we judge, Wil only meant for them to follow the "wife" for a day and see what it's like to live with them for a certain period of time! That doessn't stop Nico from protesting, though. "This escalated very quickly! I am not a swinger," he says. Erwan washes his hands off the whole matter, too: "Keep me out of it." 

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There aren't any reactions (yet) from either Solenn, Alodia, or Anne Curtis. It's only been five months since Nico made Wil an honorary member of #thebulliedhusbandsclub but it seems like he's adjusting very well! 

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