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Study Finds Women Now Swear WAY More Than In The '90s

Millennial women have a 'more relaxed attitude to swearing' than previous generations.

"An English language study done by Lancaster University and the Cambridge University Press, has found that women's use of the F-word has increased by over 500% since the 1990s, and we say s*** 10 times more than men," reports The Telegraph.

The report further noted: "What’s more, a separate study recently found that millennial women have a much more relaxed attitude to swearing than previous generations, which isn’t really surprising considering we reject the traditional gender roles that defined the lives of our elders. F*** that s***."

That said, let us remind you that swearing also has several psychological benefits. 

Citing several other studies, a BBC feature pointed out, "The most obvious advantage of swearing is to communicate effectively. By swearing, we not only communicate the meaning of a sentence, but also our emotional response to the meaning—our emotional reaction to something. It also allows us to express anger, disgust or pain, or indicate to someone that they need to back off, without having to resort to physical violence."

Fuck yeah! 

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