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Woo Do Hwan Was Offered The Lead Role In The New K-Drama 'Hero'

So happy for our ~Unbreakable Sword~!
Side-by-side pictures of The King: Eternal breakout star Woo Do Hwan
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/wdohwan, (RIGHT) Netflix

Woo Do Hwan has been acting in dramas and films for years now, but his work in The King: Eternal Monarch is arguably his biggest break ever. In the fantasy and sci-fi drama, the 27-year-old actor won our hearts playing two roles: the icy chief royal guard Jo Young and the charismatic civil servant Eun Seob. And it seems his ace acting skills caught the eyes of producers because he was just offered a lead role in the new drama Hero.

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According to Soompi, Do Hwan's agency KeyEast Entertainment confirmed the news with a statement, saying, "The new drama Hero is one of the projects he was offered." So what exactly is Hero about and what role will Do Hwan play? Well, Soompi's description of the drama leans on the ~heavy~ side: "The drama tells the story of ordinary people who go against the enormous evil power that is throwing society into disorder in their attempt to reach their objectives."

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Do Hwan was offered to play the role of former prosecutor Oh Gyu Tae, who worked his way up in his law profession. But everything he achieved was lost when he wasn't able to keep his anger in check during a trial with a difficult chaebol. After he ended up physically assaulting the chaebol, his license was suspended for 10 years. Gyu Tae now works part-time at a tuning shop to make ends meet.

Wow, that's definitely a major ~acting piece~ right there. But for now, we're keeping our fingers crossed for Do Hwan's *possible* starring role!


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