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8 Yoo Ah In Dramas And Movies You Should Be Streaming Right Now

#Alive is now on Netflix!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Alive/Lotte Entertainment, Chicago Typewriter/tvN

Our K-drama *journeys* won't be complete without actor Yoo Ah In! Since debuting in the early 2000s as an actor in his teens, Yoo Ah In has starred in more than 20 amazing projects. In a recent interview for his new film #Alive, Ah In shared that he usually prefers serious genres: "For no particular reason, I really liked things that were deep. Although I feel the same way now, it's not everything anymore...When I was a young actor, I had the desire to show things that were not typical of young actors. I wanted to try things that were difficult to see from actors in their teens and twenties. Now I'm more comfortable."

We'll never forget his role as rebellious but kind Moon Jae Shin in the rom-com Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2016) and his performance in the award-winning movie Burning (2018)Here, we listed down his Korean dramas, movies, and reality shows that are currently available for streaming: 

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1. Six Flying Dragons (2015) 

Netflix tells us that in this drama, the Six Dragons, aka our main characters, "engage in a great power struggle and battle it out for supreme control as the Joseon state emerges in the wake of the Goryeo kingdom." Yoo Ah In plays Lee Bang Won and is paired with Shin Se Kyung's character Boon Yi

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Where to watch it: Netflix

2. Veteran (2015) 

Yoo Ah In plays arrogant millionaire Jo Tae Oh. In Veteran, according to the film's Viu description, "a merciless detective hunts down a young and successful drug addict who always escapes from investigations with the help of his wealth and connections." 

Where to watch it: Viu

3. Like For Likes (2016) 

In this romantic comedy, several couples must learn to navigate the world of modern dating via social media. Yoo Ah In's character is a popular actor (just like IRL) + cutie Kang Ha Neul stars in this movie, too! 

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Where to watch it: Viu

4. Chicago Typewriter (2017) 

What if you find out that you're connected to freedom fighters during the 1930s Japanese occupation in Korea? That's exactly what happens to Se Joo (Ah In), a famous author who's going through a writing slump. During a press conference for the show, Ah In shared that he had always wanted to take on the role of a writer. 

Where to watch it: Netflix, Viu 

5. Default (2018) 

According to Viu, this movie tells the story of "the International Monetary Fund (IMF) negotiations in South Korea during the financial crisis in 1997 through three parallel stories of a monetary policy manager, a financial consultant, and a family man." 

Where to watch it: Viu 

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6. I Live Alone (2020) 

In several episodes (350 and 351) of the variety show, the actor takes viewers on a tour of his three-story house and shares a glimpse of his "rather ordinary" personal life. Viewers also get to meet his pet cats Dobi and Jangbi.

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Where to watch it: Viu 

7. Alive (2020) 

When a zombie outbreak takes place right outside his home, gamer Joon Woo (Ah In) struggles to survive with limited food...and loneliness. The hit Korean film surpassed one million moviegoers within five days of its release! The movie also stars Park Shin Hye

Where to watch it: Netflix

8. Hell (Coming Soon) 

This upcoming Netflix series is about "a society where humans face a supernatural phenomenon that could be a miracle or a curse, and it depicts the human-made hell created to overcome hell-like reality." (Via Soompi) Yoo Ah In will reportedly play the role of Jung Jin Soo, the head of an emerging religion called "Saejinrihoe." 

Where to watch it: Netflix

Bonus: Descendants Of The Sun (2016) 

Yup, ICYMI, he made a cameo in the drama and played an "unsympathetic" bank teller as a present for his good friend Song Hye Kyo. In an interview at the Asian Film Awards, he shared: "I wasn't able to give her a present at the party. I wanted to prepare a secret present for her and I got the opportunity to make a cameo appearance in her drama." (Via Soompi

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Where to watch it: Netflix


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