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Zac Efron And Nina Dobrev Hit The Gym In Zac’s New Vlog

Watch Nina crush Zac’s workout!

Zac Efron quietly launched his new YouTube channel on March 30. For his second vlog entry, Zac hit the gym with good friend and actress, Nina Dobrev.

According to Zac’s video description, Gym Time “is a weekly show where I train with athletes and interesting people alike to get a sense of who they are and what their goals are.”

In the vlog, Zac and Nina trained with trainer, Johnny Fontana. Focusing on their abs and butts, the pair did workouts like band walks, butterflies, pigeon slides, plank slides, kettlebell halos, side bends, sleds, and hollow body.

Nina also got to try the cryosauna—a device that administers cold therapy for pain treatment. While inside the crysosauna, Zac grilled Nina with some questions for three long minutes!

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Watch Zac’s vlog here:

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