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How To Eat Healthy For P150 A Day, According To Erwan Heussaff

'It's how you spend your money that may make healthy eating expensive.'
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A couple of days ago, Erwan Heussaff took to his blog, The Fat Kid Inside, to address the controversial issue that sparked a Twitter war between him and some Pinoys. Erwan opened his letter with, “This whole thing started with me posting about Raymond’s story and telling people that anyone, with the right [mindset], could achieve the same thing and that people have to stop making excuses for themselves.”

The internet did not react kindly. Some simply told Erwan to “fuck off”—rude—while others were quick to “remind” Erwan of his status and privilege, something he addressed in his blog: 

“Is it harder for certain people? YES IT IS. Of course, it is. Everything will always be of varying levels of difficulty depending on who you are, what you do, and where you are in life. Unfortunately, we aren’t all dealt the same deck of cards, but it’s how you play your hand that defines you. Don’t ever judge someone that you don’t know, because whether they are poor, rich, good-looking, foreign, or local, you won’t ever know what they are actually going through…It might not be as easy for them as you think it is. The main concerns everyone had were: time and money. I agree, on a budget, it is harder to lose weight (actually wait no, you could just not eat, lol. I don’t condone that!), BUT it’s not impossible.”

As for the lack of time, even Erwan admitted that, yes, preparing your own meals is less convenient than just buying from your go-to fast food chain for lunch. But that’s exactly what it takes to drastically change your life: “It’s all about your drive. The rest will fall into place.”

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Always up for the challenge, Erwan created an Excel sheet complete with a 7-day sample meal plan for anyone looking to change the way they eat for the better. He also broke every food item down by calorie count and carbs, fat, protein, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, and fiber content. To top it off, Erwan listed how much each costs (market price)! You guys, he did half the work for us—so seriously, no more excuses.

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