5 Ways to Improve Your Posture

Say goodbye to back and neck pains by following these tips.

Remember when your mom used to scold you for slouching? As annoying as it was (especially when she’d yank your shoulders back while doing so), she had a point.

Fast forward to your twenties and you finally realize your mom was right—having good posture has its benefits. Not only does it make you look better, it also makes you feel better. Spending hours sitting in front of a computer or doing field work is bound to take its toll on you and cause back and neck pains, so having proper posture will definitely come in handy.

Not one of those people? Don’t worry; it’s not too late for you yet. You can still improve your posture by following these tips:

1. Spend a few minutes stretching every morning.
A good stretch to start your day goes a long way. Stretching reduces muscle tension, increases flexibility, and enhances muscle coordination.  

2. Do core strengthening exercises.
According to WebMD, the best way to improve your posture is to focus on a strong core (the abdominal and low back muscles that connect to your spine and pelvis). Try doing leg extensions and crunches during your free time.

3. Avoid slouching at all times. Straighten your back while walking or sitting down.
Make a conscious effort to take note of the way you sit and walk. Keep your shoulders back and imagine there’s a piece of string holding your head up.

4. Join a yoga or pilates class.
These classes help align your spine, lengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body, and increase flexibility.

5. Use BackJoy Posture+ for support.
Correct sitting posture is a simple but very important way to prevent and relieve back pain and keep the back and spine healthy. BackJoy Posture+ (P2,990) is a cushioned seat contraption that provides back support to prevent back and neck pains. It’s perfect for people who sit down for long periods of time.

Sources: WebMD, Better Health Channel, Spark People, BackJoy

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