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Everything You Know About Getting A UTI Is Probably Wrong

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1. You have bad hygiene if you have a UTI. 

Actually, overcleaning or excessive use of vaginal products can be problematic. These products kill the good bacteria that helps prevent your vagina from getting an infection. If a UTI is a recurring problem for you, it isn't because of the way you maintain your vagina. Avoid wiping from back to front because this transfers bacteria from your rectum to your vagina and that is never good.

2. You can only get a UTI after sex.

Yes, the likelihood of you getting a UTI after sex is high, especially because bacteria is pushed into the urethra, but no, you can get a UTI from other things too. Apart from wiping from back to front, you can get a UTI from holding your pee for too long and for being dehydrated. People with diabetes and autoimmune diseases are also more susceptible to getting a UTI. 


3. A UTI is the same thing as a STI. 

Though there's a greater chance of you getting a UTI after sex (again, because so much bacteria is pushed in), a UTI is not a STI. It cannot be transmitted, so that's one less thing you have to worry about. 

4. Men cannot get UTIs.

Thanks to their anatomy, bacteria has to do a lot to get to the urine of men, but this does not mean that they can never get UTIs. It COULD happen, just not as often as it happens to us. The only thing we can conclude is something we all already know: it IS much harder to be a woman. 

5. You can cure a UTI with cranberry juice. 

We're not sure WHO came up with this (probably some cranberry juice brand), but cranberry juice as a UTI-cure is not something that's medically proven. Some doctors acknowledge that it could help prevent a UTI, but not cure it. 

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