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Girls Find Out They Have HIV During Ex-Lover's Funeral

Well, this is tragic.

Imagine attending your ex-lover’s funeral only to find out that he had HIV—and now you might have it too. reports that this was the scenario during the funeral of 25-year-old Daniel Decu from Romania, who failed to inform his 40 sexual partners that he had AIDS. Upon discovering this unfortunate tidbit, most of the women had themselves checked, and 10 women have tested positive (so far.)

Decu and his family knew he had HIV since he was 5 years old but chose to keep it a secret. The family is currently being investigated for this. According to reports, Decu’s physician wanted to publicize Decu’s condition after finding out his patient was in a relationship with his daughter, but Decu’s mother threatened to sue him.

The physician shared, “I started to warn them, but from the moment they told me to stay silent and not say anything, I didn’t. I’m not surprised that we now are in the position that we are, because he had many female friends.”

In her defense, Decu’s mother claims all the girls his son slept with knew about his condition, and that she always told him to use protection. “My boy had condoms in his pocket all the time,” she said.


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