If You Marry Young, You Might Just Get Fat Early

Says ~*science*~.

When you get married, will you really say hello to a #DadBod or a #MomBod, even if you don’t want to? We observed that people tend to get fat when they’re married. But why is that? 

A recent study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior suggests that the order of your LIFE has a lot to do with weight gain. People who got married before graduating from college were 50 percent more likely to become obese than people who got their degrees first.

But why? The study theorizes that college gives us critical-thinking skills that helps manage weight. What more, college graduates usually get relatively high-paying jobs that allow them to enroll in expensive diet programs and fitness classes, hence keeping weight gain at bay.

Couples who married early (before graduating college) adopt an unhealthy lifestyle early on. And this lifestyle is much more difficult to change later on in life.

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It’s hard to believe a college degree seems necessary to keep a slim or fit figure in the long run. It might be healthy to deny such a plausible finding, if only to make us all work on being healthy and staving off obesity no matter which we did first.

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