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Can You Get Pregnant From Having Sex While You’re On Your Period?

PHOTO: Asha Fuller

For some reason, there are still those who refuse to acknowledge that pulling out and keeping track of your ovulation days aren’t good enough techniques when it comes to avoiding pregnancy. In fact, though the chances of you getting pregnant are significantly lower, wearing condoms, being on the pill, and getting your tubes tied aren’t 100 percent effective either!

But according to gynecologist Dr. Melissa Walsh, “it is completely possible to conceive during your period if you are not using protection and not on any birth control.”

Considering that the first day of your period is Day 1 of your cycle, a woman with a regular period cycle releases an egg around day 14. This said, you’d be able to conceive around Day 9 and Day 15. If you have a shorter cycle, you’d obviously ovulate earlier. In general, you should avoid having sex during the last days of your cycle; the lowest risk of conception is within the first three days of your cycle.


It really all depends on if you have regular periods or not. The more irregular the period, the harder it is to gauge when ovulation begins and ends. Think about it this way: If getting your tubes tied can’t keep you from getting pregnant, then your period sure as hell won’t either.

Source: SELF.

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