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Science Says Loneliness Increases Mortality So Make A New Friend Today!

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Be careful with your hearts, CGs, because your loneliness may be killing you…literally.

According a new study by Brigham Young University, loneliness could be the next big public health issue because it increases your chance of mortality. The researchers link the cause of this to obesity and substance abuse, which lonely people are more susceptible to.

A study in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science notes that the subjective feeling of loneliness increases risk of death by 26%. They discovered that social isolation and living alone are the most dangerous to a person’s health.

The researchers also point out that there’s a difference between self-reported feelings of loneliness (subjective) and feeling socially-isolated (objective), which are both potentially damaging.

“If we just tell people to interact with more people, that might solve the social-isolation issue, but it might not solve the loneliness issue. I think we need to acknowledge that both of these components are important,” says researcher Julianne Holt-Lunstad.

And this is why it’s important to have meaningful interactions and relationships with other people.


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