PSA: Don't Fall Asleep With The TV On

It's messing up with your sleep cycle.
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There are days—more than I'd like to admit—when I watch TV until I fall asleep. When I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I still don't turn it off, even though I know I'd knock out as soon as my head hits the pillow. I've rationalized this habit by convincing myself that I need the TV to overpower everything that's going on in my head, as if it's block out all the things I worry about right before bed. 

Surprise, surprise, it doesn't.

The artificial light emanating from the TV screen messes with the quality of sleep. That's why, even though I've clocked in seven to eight hours, I still don't feel as well-rested as I should. According to sleep coach Chris Brantner, the light that comes from the TV hinders melatonin production in the brain; ICYDK, melatonin is the hormone that controls our sleep. On top of that, if you're watching TV in the dark, the pupila dilate, which exposes our eyes to harsh light.  

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It's the same reason why, if you want to mentally and physically rest, you shouldn't be scrolling through social media minutes before you have to sleep, with your phone so close to your face. To actually feel the benefits of a full sleep cycle, try meditation, yoga, or a white noise machine (if you absolutely need something in the background). 

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