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Tap Your Forehead To Get Rid Of Your Cravings

You can also tap your ears if you want.

Apparently the answer to stopping ourselves from succumbing to our cravings is literally on our fingertips! Research by members of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center suggested that tapping our foreheads with our finger for 30 seconds would stop or decrease the craving.

In the study, obese people also tapped their ears with their fingers and tapped their feet on the floor; and all of these worked. While there are other ways to keep the craving away like playing computer or video games, the tapping is found to be the most effective (the reason is yet to be found).

What happens is that when we crave something, its image gets locked in the visual cortex of our brain. To cut the hankering, we'd then have to focus our eyes on something. In the case of the study's participants, they ended up focusing on the movement of their fingers hence disrupting their craving.

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According to Dr. Richard Weil, the study's author and the director of the Obesity Nutrition Research Center, it's possible that the tapping can work for people having normal weight even if the study only tested obese people. Perhaps the most important thing about this study is that "it's possible to distract ourselves from craving even our favorite foods no matter how much we weigh, and this could be used as a weight-loss strategy."

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