The Weirdest Kilikili Facts You Need To Know

Just because we like to keep you guys entertained.

1. Scientists once created cheese made from armpit bacteria.
In 2013, scientist Christina Agapakis and scent expert Sissel Tolaas gathered microbes from body parts of volunteer artists, scientists, anthropologists, and cheese makers. Bacteria from armpits, a foot, a bellybutton, and tears and were taken using sterile cotton swabs and processed into cheese. [source: The Daily Mail]

2. Polymastia is a condition wherein a person has more than two breasts, and the extra breast is usually found in the armpit area.
This shouldn’t be confused with polythelia, the presence of extra nipples. [source: Medscape]

3. You lose up to 38% of underarm skin every time you shave. [source: Dove’s The Little White Book on Underarm Skin Care]

4. Yellow underarm stains on your white shirt aren’t caused by sweat, but by your apocrine glands.
Which contain proteins and fatty acids that make underarm secretions thick and milky.

5. Armpit fetishism exists, but note that there's a huge difference between a real sexual fetish and just an admiration for smooth kilikilis.
As defined by the Kinsey Institute, “fetish” specifically refers to a strong sexual preoccupation with an object, material, or body part. Your boyfriend following @pinay_kilikili on Instagram may not be a sign of an armpit fetish—unless he starts begging to ram your underarms with his member.

6. Armpits have millions of microscopic animals living on every square inch of human skin.
The National Geographic likens our armpits to lush rain forests brimming with diversity. But there’s no need to freak out. Many of the microbes are healthy bacteria that keep our skin in good condition.

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7. Growing armpit hair has become more than just an extreme feminist symbol; it’s become a trend.
CNN reported that the ’70s craze reemerged in 2014 when Madonna Instagrammed her hairy pits. In the next few months, Hollywood celebs such as Jemima Kirk followed suit by stepping out with an au naturel look. Last year, feminist Xiao Meili launched a female armpit hair photo contest on Chinese social network Weibo. Her goal: to get people to talk about gender equality.

8. Dyeing your armpit hair with bright colors is now a thing.
According to Pop Sugar, there’s a growing number of articles and vlogs about coloring your armpit hair. There are also salon stylists who have dyed their client’s armpit hair to match their new hair color.

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