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There's An App That Scans Your Food For Calories!

DietSensor can also tell you the amount of carbs, protein, and fat in your food.

Here's another great reason to love science and technology: There's an app called DietSensor, and it checks the calories, amount of carbs, fat, and protein in your food! It'll also let you know if you're about to exceed your daily limit for, say, lipids. It provides accurate results for homogeneous food and drinks, like muffins, potato chips, french fries, and beer.

How? The app connects via bluetooth to a pocket WiFi-connected sensor called SCiO, which uses infrared spectrometry to get the chemical makeup of the food or drink. Since each type of molecule vibrates in its own way, it interacts with light in a unique way, too. The scanner sees how each molecule interacts with light and knows what substances are present.

For heterogeneous food like pizza, fried rice, and salad, the app has a food database with over 600,000 items from 50 countries. You just have to look for your food from the list and you'll get the info you need.

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For being the first instant nutrition app with sensors, DietSensor is an honoree of the CES 2016 Best of Innovation Awards, an annual competition that recognizes remarkable design and engineering in consumer technology products.

See the app in action below:

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While counting calories for weight loss isn't entirely effective or sustainable for most of us, it's necessary for diabetics since they have a limit on their daily calorie intake and they need to keep their glucose levels under control and maintain their ideal body weight. Non-diabetics can, as already mentioned, have balanced meals without exceeding their recommended dietary intake.

The app will be available soon, and you can preorder here.

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