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What Happens To Your Body In Your 30s

You go through *so many* changes.
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Though it might be true that age is just a number, we can't deny that once we hit our 30s, major physical changes occur, no matter how hard we fight them: 

1. You experience more stress. 

Not to scare you, but if you think your 20s are stressful, wait until you hit 30. Suddenly, you're not just thinking about the future, you're planning for it. If you haven't already, it's when you need to start looking into insurance plans, investments, and retirement. And those can be extremely stressful, which can make people lose sleep, feel more anxious, have more migraines, and even fall into depression. It is essential that you take time out of your day to relax and lower your stress levels. 

2. Your metabolism slows down.

Even the healthiest, most active people notice it. When the metabolism slows down, it can be harder to lose weight even if you're maintaining a balanced diet and we're damn sure most of you aren't eating the way we should be. Pairing your diet with an effective workout program is key; but more than that, mix your exercises so your body doesn't plateau and you continue to see results. 

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3. Joint pain occurs more often. 

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In your 30s, you feel more cracks with each movement. Everything is suddenly stiffer. When you exercise, trainers tell you to let your body heal. Well, as you get older, that healing periods takes much longer. 

4. Wrinkles start appearing. 

Ugh. If you've always had people in your life who nagged you about wearing sunscreen or having a skin routine, this is usually when they're able to say, "I told you so." It's not uncommon for wrinkles to appear before your 40s, especially if you haven't been protecting your skin. 

5. You become less fertile. 

For women who want to have kids, your biological clock is ticking. In general, once you hit 35, pregnancy becomes harder. True, there are women who are able to carry and deliver healthy babies beyond that age, but you have to think about the additional risks. Still, with today's technology, there are many options when it comes to family planning. Don't be disheartened. Just think about what you want and plan. 

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