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Here's What To Eat To Beat These PMS Symptoms

Acne? Bloating? We've got the solutions here.


Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that fights dry skin and acne, and helps the skin repair itself and fight off bacteria that cause the blemishes. So eat vitamin A-rich food like dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, and orange fruits such as papaya and peaches.


Drink a lot of water, because this will make you pee, hence helping your body release the fluids it has stored. (Your body might have retained water because you're dehydrated, BTW.) It also helps to eat fruits and vegetables with high water content like papayas or pineapples.

Citrus fruits aren't a bad idea either, since vitamin C is a diuretic (it lets your body get rid of unnecessary water by making you pee).


While a heating pad works, heating your body from the inside while it's being warmed from the outside can take the pain away sooner. If not, at least drinking hot tea or hot soup will be comforting enough.



If you don't want to succumb to your cravings, start your day with a meal rich in protein and healthy fats. Have some of that egg with cheese and chicken or turkey for breakfast. Keep yourself full by eating whole grain foods during mealtimes.

If the craving is just too strong, control how much you're getting!


Complex carbs like yogurt, nuts, brown rice, corn, and popcorn boost your serotonin levels, the feel-good hormone, by making them more available


We're talking about the extreme sadness here, almost like depression.

Eat salmon, eggs, chia seeds, and other food rich in omega-3 fatty acid. One of the basic building blocks of the brain, omega-3 fatty acid, has been found to work like (or even better) than antidepressants. It's so effective that it can help mild to major depression!

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