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If You Eat These, You'll Be Lazy AF

Feeling tired and drained? Blame the food you just ate.

Ever suffer from that mid-morning or mid-afternoon (or both!) slump? Well it might not have anything to do with your sleep the night before, and everything to do with the food you recently ate.

Nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin has given the Daily Mail the rundown on what foods zap the most energy from us. First up: your reliable cup of coffee. Yes, that caffeine hit you rely on daily may actually be doing you zero favors.

“Not only is coffee a diuretic, it actually stops your absorption of fluids and leaches out iron. All resulting in you ending up with less energy long term,” Bingley-Pullin noted.

She adds that while caffeine will give you a short term boost in the energy stakes, this declines rapidly and will leave you even more tired after.

And as you step away from the coffee, make sure you ditch energy and diet soft drinks too.

“With anything that is synthetic your liver has to metabolize it,” the diet expert said. “It's working harder than it should, leaving you tired.”

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Zoe continues to explain that foods with a high salt or sugar content are also a no-no, as they cause your glycemic index to spike, meaning you’ll be on a high for a bit, before crashing down to no energy.

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White bread is another culprit, which could explain why so many people feel sluggish after lunchtime.

During the day, if you’re hit with a snack attack then load up on a handful of nuts or an apple. If you’re after something sweet, try dipping apple chunks into a little peanut butter. For lunch, opt for salads with grains. Avocado is also filling and makes a colorful edition to your plate. Protein like fish, chicken, and boiled eggs will also give you afternoon energy. It’s fine to drink coffee, but maybe restrict to one or two cups a day. Fill the void with green tea, and begin the day with a hot lemon drink to kick start your metabolism.

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