Why You Should Just Eat Whatever You Want This Christmas

You don't need to punish yourself for indulging.
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One thing that we all know to be 100 percent true is that Filipinos love to eat. From a simple catchup sesh to a complete family reunion, every important occasion involves food. And during Christmas, we bring our A game. That’s when we serve all our favorites! Look, we’re not denying that crispy pata is bad for you, ok? You definitely should not be eating that shit on a daily or even weekly basis. But it’s Christmas for crying out loud! Indulging on bad food two days out of the year shouldn’t be so emotionally crippling.

1. It won’t make you gain weight.

Just like how one salad or one gym sesh won’t make you lose weight, one lechon-filled meal won’t pack on the pounds! It takes months for you to actually see real change, so instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t eat during Christmas, come up with a long-term plan to improve your eating pattern.

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2. Again, we’re talking about a couple of days, not a couple of months.

We're not telling you to put the crinkles away; we’re just telling you not to reach for them every time you’re stressed at work or having a movie marathon at home. It’s easy to use the holiday season as an excuse to binge-eat. Everyone thinks they get a do-over in January, but the reason why most New Year’s resolutions fail is because people think going cold turkey is a good idea.

3. Feeling guilty about eating never works.

According to medical professional Alissa Rumsey, "When you feel guilty eating something, you tend to eat it quickly and don't pay full attention to it. This causes you to be less satisfied, and crave more unhealthy foods." Btw, indulging is different from binge eating; indulging is all about not depriving yourself and mindfully choosing to eat the food you love. But if you need a little extra help with staying in control, try picking one type of food to indulge in and then filling your plate with the healthy stuff.

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