Everything Lucy Liu Does To Stay Strong And Sexy At 49

This hot mama is in a new Netflix movie: 'Set It Up.'
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I watched Set It Up recently because 1) I'm a sucker for cheesy rom-coms with an interesting plot and 2) I'm a huge fan of Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs individually. I grew up watching Ally McBeal, where Lucy was a stone cold bitch—so relatable. I also followed her work in Elementary for a while, and of course, who didn't live for the Charlie's Angels movies?

After realizing that she's almost 50, I wanted to know the secrets to her timeless look. Here's what Lucy does to beat Father Time. 

In an interview with FITNESS Magazine, Lucy said that she's "smarter, stronger, and more confident than [she] was in [her] twenties," and the secret to that is 10 years of Pilates: "Pilates introduced me to muscles I never even knew I had. Soon I started to feel longer and leaner."

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Everyone who loves cardio will be elated to find out that Lucy starts her day off with a cycling class at 6 a.m.—you know, right before her 14-hour work schedule. She says the morning sweat sesh "activates [her] brain." (There is truly no excuse for why we aren't moving more, LOL!)

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And that's just when she doesn't have much time. On days when she has a few more hours to spare, Lucy does yoga, goes swimming, and walks her dog.

For fear of losing the ~*high*~ she has after exercising, Lucy stays away from junk food because she doesn't want to stop feeling good: "If I'm really hungry, I might have a breakfast burrito with spinach, a fried egg, and tomatoes. For dinner, I have fish with steamed vegetables or a salad. But I also eat veggie pizza or pasta, because when you're standing all day, it's a workout, and sometimes you need to carbo-load."

Catch Set It Up on Netflix. 

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