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Where To Buy Portable UV Sterilizers For Things You Can't Spray Alcohol On

A must-have in every bag!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) BLK Cosmetics,, Apartment 8 Essentials

Constantly disinfecting our things have become the norm now. And while wiping down your stuff with alcohol and tissue works, not all surfaces can be spritzed with chemicals. Also, using a UV sterilizer can reach small corners and crevices for your peace of mind.

Most of the UV sterilizers online can be roomy as a beauty fridge, but if you want to disinfect your things even when you're outside your house, you're better off with a portable, handheld one. Check out the best ones below:

  1. BLK Cosmetics


  2. Stericare PH


  3. Apartment 8


  4. Clean Light


  5. CleanPlus PH

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  6. Saniclean

  7. TintZone


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