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18 Weight Loss Tricks from Cosmo Chicks

Tired of your usual weight loss tactics? These effective tricks from Cosmo chicks may just be what you need.

"Take your iPod to the gym. It helps time go by much faster when you're on a machine!"
—Adiel, manager, lost 12 pounds

"I only eat when I feel hungry. I also drink as much water as I can."
—Chechel, makeup artist, dropped one dress size

"We grill chicken, and I trim the fat off pork and beef before cooking."
—Carla, systems trainer, dropped two sizes

"I started taking packed lunches to work, and cut back on eating out and desserts."
—Happy, jewelry designer, lost 25 pounds

"I did an hour of cardio five times a week and weight-trained twice a week."
—Coni, editorial assistant, lost 25 pounds

"During the day, I eat anything I want, but there's always a rule. If I want McDonald's, then no fries. If I want softdrinks, dapat diet. If I want chocolate, just a piece. If I want chips, I'll eat just a fistful!"
—Alice, auditor, lost 14 pounds

"I kept a food journal for a year, and it made me conscious of how much I ate. 'Pag full page, parang 'yikes'! I made sure may fruits or veggies at least once a day. It gave me a clear view of what I was putting into my body."
—Ingrid, student, lost 10 pounds

"I have no time to go to a gym. To destress, I play beach party music on my iPod and dance every night before I shower."
—Elise, businesswoman, lost 8 pounds

"Since I turned completely vegetarian (no meat, no seafood—nothing that poops) in 2004, I haven't gained more than five pounds."
—Ana, stylist

"I would eat whole grain cereal for breakfast, have a regular lunch and merienda, then whole grain cereal again for dinner."
—Claire, editor, lost 10 pounds

"I created my own indulgence: mangoes, strawberries, pineapple, yogurt, and honey in an ice cream parfait glass. It's so good! It's also a great breakfast."
—Ansie, chef, lost 10 pounds

"I started drinking green tea everyday in place of coffee. I also switched to red and brown rice."
—Mariel, editor, lost 15 pounds

"I started a strictly vegan diet.'I’ve managed to keep off the 20 pounds I lost."
—Belay, food stylist

"I limited myself to a half-cup of rice per meal, or a sandwich with no mayo."
—Cris, lawyer, dropped 28 pounds

"I tried the three-day banana diet. I lost 10 pounds in three days but it was only water weight. It was only when I did the whole gym and eat right thing that I lost 25 pounds in three months."
—Rosie, supervisor

"I started swimming thrice a week because of my asthma."
—Mia, HR manager, dropped three sizes and still going

"Before I go shopping, I walk every floor of the entire mall. That's 20 minutes of walking time."
—Wednesday, mother, lost 8 pounds

"I enrolled in a doctor-supervised weight-loss program with St. Carlos Pharma. It was a slow process but my clothes finally fit well."
—Mars, marketing director

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